Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 3: I can't move....

Posted by Carla B. at 7:55 PM
Day Three is almost over and I can hardly move. I had a session today with my trainer, and I have gained a whole new level of respect for people on shows like the Biggest Loser. I had to be pushed along several times, and still cranked out a few more reps even when I had zero energy left. I knew I could go home a bit later - unlike people on the show who have to do several more hours of training.

I started phasing into the Break Free program, although I haven't been able to officially start yet. I still have a few things to get from the health store - and the local Trader Joe's is about 45 minutes away so I will get there next week. I have pretty stayed away from gluten today, and I never realized how hard that is. I have also tried to stay away from sugar - well, except what occurs naturally in foods like fruits and veggies. I cannot begin to explain how hard this part is - I must acknowledge the fact that I am a sugar addict. So, avoiding sugar will be a way of life for me. Right now I am dreaming of the leftovers from my husband's birthday cake - it's in the kitchen, just a few steps away. I just have to stay strong, although I don't know how.

Fortunately, I am totally exhausted from today. I think I will hit the bed early. Hopefully it will bring sleep soon which will put off the cake craving for another day - and hopefully someone will eat the remaining cake overnight!


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