Sunday, July 3, 2011

Days 4 & 5: Turkey Bacon and Improved Eggs?

Posted by Carla B. at 10:04 PM
I just read an article in WebMD Magazine (I saw it at my physician's office) about new and improved eggs. Basically, the article said that recent studies show eggs are lower in cholesterol and almost 64% higher in Vitamin D than several years ago. The premise for why this has happened? It's in the feed. Yep, according to the scientific studies in a magazine placed in your traditional doctor's office - what we feed hens is apparently changing the content of the eggs those hens produce. Does it not strike you as a little ironic since this would seem to support the whole theory behind organic eating and holistic healing - such as vitamins, supplements and nutritional healing? Just found that kind of funny, in the ironic sort of way.

And speaking of eggs, I made some this morning along with some turkey bacon for our breakfast. My kids are giving me a hard time about cooking leaner and more healthy. I was relieved to remind them that even iCarly and her sidekick Sam enjoy turkey bacon. I reminded them of the episode where they were eating in class, and when admonished by their teacher they said, "It's turkey bacon!" as though that alone should explain why eating it was irresistible! It's nice to remind them using their own shows.

The new and improved eating habits are going rather well. I felt the past two days like I have been pigging out at times - but when I run my calorie counts using MyFitnessPal I am under my calorie count! I am losing weight, so something is working. I was thinking today, though, how it is so easy to pile the weight on and oh so hard to pull it off. I think pulling teeth is easier than pulling pounds.

I had another revelation today. I ended up picking a fight with my H - over something really stupid that was really meaningless. Later, when I was boo-hooing in the bathroom (hey, it's the ONLY place I can get away with a H and three kids!), I remembered something I read about how old you act when you throw a tantrum. I was acting like I was six. So, I decided to just comfort that six year old while she cried it out. I have generally harumphed the whole notion of an inner child, but today it worked. And I honestly felt better afterwards. I was able to find the root of the problem, discuss it rationally with my H, and apologize for my behavior (he apologized for his too, which wasn't too pretty). All in all, I learned something valuable about treating myself with kindness and love. And I think this was a huge step in my transformation. It also brought a moment of truth with my H about my weight issues. 

I will be back again tomorrow for my Fourth of July update on Day Six. See you then, Happy Independence Day, and be careful with hose fireworks!


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